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The photo that changed my life: 17 years later

Heading Image: May 26, 2001—Mumbai, India (c) 2001 Diana Scimone “Do you see the cages in that window?” my contact asked. “Cages?” I repeated with horror. “What’s in them?” “Five-year-old girls.” I wanted to throw up. With that one sentence, my life was about to change. It was early on a Saturday evening in Mumbai, […]

The Epidemic, Human Trafficking

(as understood by a grade 12 student at St Peters College) Human Trafficking is a massive epidemic which needs to be addressed. The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates 248,700 people live in conditions of modern slavery in South Africa. However, numbers and statistics are a superficial way of trying to understand the seriousness and complexity […]

Ruby’s Story: Anti-Human Trafficking PSA

MoviWorld have been amazing at taking up the challenge: to use what they have, doing what they do, to help spread awareness of the reality of Human Trafficking in South Africa. They made this short PSA for us and Network partner InHuman Trade and it is now available for free use by any Network partner […]

Free Legal Advice: TrustLaw from the Thomson Reuters Foundation

TrustLaw is a programme of the Thomson Reuters Foundation which provides pro bono legal assistance to registered NGOs and social enterprises. It is a free service which connects high impact organisations that require legal assistance with lawyers in over 150 countries. TrustLaw is also operational here in South Africa and NGOs can apply to join. […]

Human Trafficking: A Poem

Human Trafficking They not as good as walking on the streets of prostitution. She’s far less than that Sold like a bag of weed She’s crushed grey till her Dull life exploits her sexuality She has to surrender her white flag, Well, her black flag that captured her photographic mind Filled with her horrors hearse […]

Filling The Gap

My phone rings. It is one of the prosecutors who work on human trafficking cases, and she has a question for me: “Diane, what do we do with these girls? I walk with them through the entire court case and then… nothing. There is nothing at the end of it all that I can give […]

Uniting Anti-Slavery Efforts in South Africa to Bring about Tangible Change

The National Freedom Network was born out of an evident need to bring together the various stakeholders in South Africa, who work in the sphere of counter-trafficking, to form a more united front against human trafficking. By uniting in knowledge, experience and understanding, as well as sharing resources and being able to easily access services […]