Press Release: NHTRL


Contact: Rene Hanekom


Phone: 0800 222 777

(Cape Town, Western Cape) – On August 30, the new South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line will be launching. A national collaborative initiative to report, respond to and ultimately eradicate Human Trafficking in our country.

Throughout centuries, there has been a fight for freedom, a fight that many of us thought we had won, yet today 27 million people are still enslaved. Right now, in the 21st century, there are more slaves than ever before.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world, generating 150 BillionUSD per year. Sindiswe is one of those 27 million… She was approached by a good looking man who offered her a job.

Sindiswe accepted as she was desperate for a better life. She arrived in Cape Town for an interview in what she believed would be a position in a Call Centre. Once in Cape Town, the man took her to her temporary residence while waiting for an interview. She started accumulating quite a debt for the accommodation and bus tickets which were initially presented as gifts. It became clear that the job opportunity would not materialize and she was told to pay back her debt by becoming a prostitute. She was forced to service multiple clients every night and if she did not, she was beaten. As a reward for not running away after brutal beatings, she would be given heroine. It numbed the pain and reality of what her life had become…

Sadly, stories like Sindiswe are the reality of far too many South Africans. BUT, we have the ability to change that.

As a country, we have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years in the fight against Human Trafficking, with a new law to prosecute traffickers and many lives rescued and restored to date.

As we progress, we believe that a National Human Trafficking Resource Line (NHTRL), ONE NUMBER to call with all things Human Trafficking is the next logical step; a national collaborative line between civil society and government.

You can join us as we launch this new exciting tool to help move South Africa towards the eradication of modern day slavery, by following our Social Media Pages and staying up to date with the latest news.


To report suspected trafficking of persons and submit a tip.

This can be done by speaking to one of our call specialists or by completing an online tip form. All reports are confidential and you may remain anonymous.

When you or someone you know, requires Victim Assistance.

If you think you are a victim of trafficking and need help, our call specialists are available to guide and support you while connecting you to the necessary partners and emergency services. Visit our website to learn more about how you and your loved ones can protect yourself whilst traveling, applying for work or educational opportunities and about online safety measures.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Line Launch Details:

Date: 30 August 2016

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About The South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line

0800 222 777 is the South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line, operated by The A21 Campaign South Africa in partnership with other service providers. The National Line takes calls 24/7 and can assist callers from all provinces. Tip off’s and requests can also be submitted online via the website, making the Resource Line multimodal to increase accessibility. Our Call Specialists are specifically trained professionals, who follow international procedures, ensuring the fastest response to each case. The Resource Line works in close partnership with many stakeholders in each province to ensure rapid response and effectiveness to each call or request.


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